Inclusive Model

In a previous post I presented two models related to our freedom and our ability to make free will choices:  i. e. Deterministic Model and Relativistic Model.  Now I ask, “Why does it have to be one or the other model?”  I wish to propose an Inclusive Model related to freedom, free will, morality, and our behaviors. I put forth a model I developed that includes both deterministic and relativistic features. I advance the idea of an Inclusive Model combining genetic factors (deterministic) and environmental factors (relativistic). What if we accept, trust, respect, and cooperate with Nature at the classical/deterministic level, and also at the quantum/probabilistic level? I realize it is somewhat paradoxical to combine determinism with free will, but I argue that humans and our cultures have a need for both causation and choice. I ask, “Will a deterministic and absolute physicality view of reality allow us the ability to make free choices?,” and “Will the natural laws emanating from deterministic reality give us a grounded foundation and a guide to make decisions?” Does a security provided by a natural law Universe then allow for “human behavior that is reflective, conscious and free.” (Stevens, 1969) These are the types of the questions I have internally contemplated and externally debated as I try to ethically and morally arrange and manage my life. The Inclusive Model has become a useful source for me as I constructed my Theory of Balanceology naturalistic worldview.

In an Inclusive Model recognizing a deterministic and relativistic world at the normative level I ask, “Do cultures have the freedom to interpret Nature’s laws and re-evaluate those laws as needed?” At the personal level I ask, “Do we have the freedom to interpret culture’s view of Nature’s laws for ourselves and re-evaluate them when the Universe gives us a wake-up call that something is out of balance?” I suggest that these are questions that cultures and each one of us must take the responsibility to answer. It was Reynold Borzaga who pointed out there exists a “delicate balance between a universe organized under physical laws, vigorously deterministic, and deprived of freedom, and the activity of the mind, free and absolutely unconditioned by experience and conditioning it.” (1966)  I would greatly appreciate any feedback related to the Inclusive Model, and its view of morality, freedom, and free will.


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