Natural Law Precepts

Thus, referring to the previous posts related to morality, I enthusiastically support the following Natural Law Precepts: 1.) Perennial Wisdom is biologically based access to ancient knowledge of universal natural truths, 2.) Perennial Philosophy flows from this genetic propensity for natural moral precepts, 3.) Natural Moral Code is based on the laws of Nature, and thus I maintain gives us an intrinsic linkage with the natural sciences, and 4.) Natural human rights are Nature’s biological gifts to humankind. This innate sense of morality gives us a realization when we are out of balance and in disharmony with Nature. These inborn morality guidelines help balance-out the opposites in our life and move us towards harmony. I view these Natural Law Precepts as evolving and recapitulating through the Triune Brain as a means for human survival. Survival includes knowledge of inherited human rights, cooperation and competition, and the grace and elegance of giving-and-receiving. I argue the homo sapien moral code has the potential to continue to be refined as evolution of the human brain ever so slowly performs its magic. Pointedly, Natural Law Precepts have helped me set the stage to build and embrace a naturalistic worldview. I appreciate any feedback.

natural law

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