Perennial Philosophy

The Theory of Balanceology, has naturalistic foundational roots. I now assert that Perennial Philosophy is man-made and flows from a nature-made Perennial Wisdom that is Nature encoded, evolutionarily originated, and biologically inherited. I postulate that Perennial Philosophy (i. e. philosophia perennis) is human-based interpretation of this eternal-and-enduring wisdom that gives us moral guidance (more to come). Huston Smith refers to primordial traditions when he addresses philosophia perennis. Perennial Philosophy entails accessing these natural coded morality teachings that are eternal and have endured. There is a Perennial Philosophy of cultural similarities that survive and are unchanging from age-to-age. Naturalistic enduring wisdom has influenced every culture’s morality teachings, philosophy, mythology, religion, language, worldview, societal traditions, and customs since civilizations began. Morality teachings and instructions are mainly concerned with what is right, and what is wrong in human endeavors. Aristotle (4th Cent B.C.) for the West, and Lie Yukou (5th Cent B.C.) for the East, suggest we can have a higher moral development towards our fellow humans beings when we philosophically take advantage of this ancestral Perennial Wisdom. In the Theory of Balanceology, I highly recommend that if a person decides to construct their own worldview blueprint, and to develop their own personal philosophy for/of living, it is most helpful if they intuitively listen by tapping into Perennial Wisdom’s transgenerational natural morality guidance.

perenial philsophy

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