Perennial Wisdom

I advance the idea that Perennial Wisdom is linked to human morality.  I content that Perennial Wisdom has been built on pre-human and human collective evolutionary ageless wisdom. Importantly, I view Perennial Wisdom is a nature-made blueprint of sagacity that is primordially and biologically based. I assert that nature-made wisdom is seen in the naturalistic principles of Nature’s patterns, order, cyclicity, non-duality (unity), harmony, and critically balance. I argue that Perennial Wisdom is a byproduct of that long developmental history of the Triune Brain —> the survival of the Reptilian Brain, the addition of an emotive and intuitive Limbic Brain, and 30-40,000 years of cognitive functioning of the Neocortex. I value the contribution of the Triune Brain’s transgenerational collective memory that allows us to have cryptic intuitive messages radiating from the wisdom of this ancient knowledge. Perennial Wisdom (eternal-and-enduring) emits certain morality guidelines of cooperation that helps us survive in this world of intense conflict and competition.

I have even found nature-made Perennial Wisdom influence in the Abrahamic Family of religious traditions: 1.) Christians refer to sophia perennis, 2.) Hebrews discuss hokhmah (wisdom), and 3.) Muslims refer to al-burhan alaqini (science of reality). Perennial Wisdom for the Hindus is expressed in the Sanskrit phrase sanatan dharma, or “the eternal law.” In Taoism, Lao Tse discusses Perennial Wisdom as, “Infinite.  Eternally present . . . . .  It flows through all things, inside and outside, and returns to the origin of all things.” For Ch’an Buddhism, Perennial Wisdom is “the pure embodiment of reality in your essential nature.” Chinese philosopher Chuange Tzu has a Perennial Wisdom connotation by saying, “the universe and I came into being together: and I, and everything therein, are One.” Finally, in writings to come I will recommend that we  listen to these intuitive inner truths from our ancient transgenerational world as we traverse life, and individually build our worldview and philosophy.  I am welcome to any comments on the concept of Perennial Wisdom.

perenial wisdom

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