Common Core Morality

In this post I acknowledge the long history of support for humans inheriting a common core morality. We all have a common consanguineal homo sapien core morality that influences our individual core morality. Human morality is nature-based, evolutionarily originated, transgenerationally inherited, and gives us intuitive guidance. I emphasize the huge part morality must play in each life. It is for our benefit to have a cognitive, emotive and intuitive understanding and relationship with what it means to be a moral person. To obtain an honest portrait of my morality has only come after making my fair share of behavioral mistakes. Mistakes that required me evaluate them and attempt to learn from them. I advise that the narrative in this drawn-out phase is fairly dense, sophisticated, and contains a detailed subject coverage. Posts will cover the following  noteworthy topics:  Perennial Wisdom, Natural Moral Code, cultural interpretation, free will, good and evil, the eleven deadly traits, basic morality, deeper morality, and higher morality.  As I commence on the many posts related to human morality it is necessary to define certain key precepts related to:  What is ethics? What is morality? What is virtue?

ethics morality virtu


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