Human Morality Need

The Theory of Balanceology hypothesizes that if we desire to have some meaning, health, and balance in our life, it is to our benefit to satisfy as best we can our inherent nature-based needs.  The Basal Self-Needs of 1) safety-security, 2. ) worth, 3.) empowerment, and 4.) enjoyment.  Humans also have the Basal Belonging-Needs that are 1.) interpersonal, and 2.)  social.  If the Basal Self and Belonging-Needs start to be satisfied, they can lay a foundation to start satisfying our inherent Deeper-Needs of 1.) sex, 2.) love, 3.) morality, 4.)  emotions, and 5.) consciousness. In previous posts, I detailed all of the Basal Needs.  I have addressed the Deeper-Needs of sex and love. I now extensively focus on our morality need.

Morality is a primal need and an energetic awakening force for human beings, and is the focus of posts to come.  I have come to appreciate how a deep-rooted sense of ethics and morality is so crucial in our hurting world. I argue that without having at least some sense of morality at the individual level (self-preservation) and the collective level (species-preservation), I doubt if the human species could survive a day. I view morality as genetically embedded within the human species. I understand morality as one of those innate needs that enables us to have deep-seated connections with Nature, human nature, and our own nature. Our goal should be to experience the nature of our morality  need.  I argue that in one way or another morality is involved in every experience and behavior we have in life. I propose that morality is a requirement for us to successfully navigate the complex rubik’s cube of life. Humans are indeed sui generis anthropic creatures where the two key aspects of this uniqueness are: 1.) self-aware consciousness that gives us significant cognitive and intuitive abilities, and 2.) a capacity to freely make moral decisions by using our cognitive and intuitive abilities and not just reacting instinctively to our environment.


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