Deeper-Love: Summary

I theorize that Deeper-Love surely has experiences of intimacy, union, devotion, respect, and commitment. Deeper-love is productive because there is a converging and a merging of the human deeper needs of love, sexuality, morality, emotions, and consciousness. Deeper-love is an exceptionally beautiful thing because within deeper-love –—> I hurt when you hurt. Deeper love is having someone who cares enough about you to worry about you. In deeper-love I am willing to make major personal sacrifices for the one I love. For me, deeper-love is when someone’s happiness becomes my happiness. For me, deeper-love has its roots in empathy and an essential understanding of the one so loved. In deeper-love there are limited secrets between partners. Deeper-love is about living one’s life with another. Henry Drummond maintained that, “to love abundantly is to live abundantly.” (19th Cent) Deeper-love is also productive because in the depths of connection it produces increased mind-body energy. Pseudo-love ultimately drains mind-body energy. Basic-love can either increase or decrease energy. However, any experience of deeper-love only increases energy. When I discussed the human sexual need, I noted that the Tantra make reference to sacred-sex. I now want to make reference to what I call sacred-love > that is, deeper-love is a productive sacred-love of being well-loved.

Deeper-love has the potential to be transformational. In the depths of experiencing love there can be a connection with humanities essential reality. Deeper-love suggests that it is a good idea to love generously. To experience deeper levels of romantic love opens the door to experience brotherly love. However, let me close my posts related to love by emphasizing once again that a long-lasting committed deeper-love connection is a rare phenomenon. After I listed all of the conditions for deeper-love (or even basic-love) the reader might think love is impossible. I do think deeper-love is possible, but it is a major life task that takes a great deal of time, energy, sacrifice, and commitment. I agree with Erich Fromm stating, “the capacity to love must remain a rare achievement. Or, anyone can ask himself how many truly loving persons has he known.” (1956)

deeper love

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