Deeper-Love: Commitment

The Theory of Balanceology states that the final condition for deeper-love has something to do with commitment.  It appears to me that the depth-of-love (intimacy, union, devotion, respect) depends on the depth-of-commitment. Commitment has something to do with loving on purpose, because it is my purpose to love another and to commit to another. Commitment is making a statement, “I will stand by you.” Commitment is a lasting foundation that makes for a lasting relationship. Committed relationships are revealing relationships where I reveal to you and you reveal to me our true intentions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, goals, secrets, and promises. Commitment has something to do with a lasting love. It is an unbreakable chain that verifies the magic is not about getting married to another person, but staying married to another. It is being a lifelong counterpart and a lifelong companion. I highly recommend that if you have found that lifelong companion, cherish that irreplaceable love, and let your love prevail. For you have truly found something that is rare (more to come in later posts). I have asked, “Can committed love become an endless love?” For Emanuel Rosen, “the more committed the relationship, the more intense the therapeutic value. People go through a series of uncommitted relationships, revealing more or less the same level of emotion every time. It is when they push, or are pushed, into binding arrangements the exploration of their psyche deepens.” (2001)


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