Deeper-Love: Respect

The Theory of Balanceology maintains that a fourth condition for Deeper-Love is the condition of respect.  Respect is a significant component for deeper-love to happen. “I respect the person I love.” I respect them as a person. I have regard, reverence, and some deference to that person. Respect is shown by having high esteem, high estimation, and giving high honor to the loved one. Respect is shown by high value –> “I value you.” I respect the one loved by being courteous to their opinions, beliefs, and values. I show respect through admiration of their abilities, capabilities, emotions, thoughts, and their morality. I show respect by not judging the one I love.  I respect that person by being truthful to that person –> deeper-love is not possible when lying is part of a relationship. Lying can involve the avoidance of critical issues and factors that end up tearing many relationships apart. Respect is given by acceptance, giving attention to, and spending time with that person. Included in respect is forgiveness —> having the ability to forgive the loved one who has offended me. What do you think?


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