Deeper-Love: Union

The Theory of Balanceology suggests that union is another possible condition of Deeper-Love. Union brings about a fusion, a coming together, and overcoming the separateness of two distinct individuals. Dyadic union is the ability for a couple to help manage and overcome the some of the distance  that exists between the Self and another person. That is, a dyadic union is the crossing of our dualistic separation tendencies, and opening up our a window that can lead to connections with another human being. Deeper-Love concerns an enduret’d union that forms an unbreakable chain between two individuals. It is a confirmation of the power that cometh from the dyad ––> the power of two. A dyadic union is a call for a hieros gamos (sacred marriage) of two individuals in love. In a union of deeper-love there is a spirit-to-spirit and being-to-being bonding where I belong with you and you belong with me —-> belong with, not to.  I so value the following quote by Erich Fromm where he says,  “mature love is  a union under the condition of preserving one’s integrity, one’s individuality. Love is an  active power in man;  a power which breaks through the walls which separate man from his  fellow men, which unites him with others,  love makes him overcome  the sense of  isolation  and separation,  yet it permeates him to himself, to retain his integrity. In love the paradox occurs that  2 beings become one, and yet remain 2.”  (1956)

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