Deeper-Love Level

I have been extensively writing about the human capacity to love over the last many posts.  It has generated a lot of discussion.  It appears to me that there are as many definitions of love as there are people.  It makes me suspect that our definition of love is mostly based on how we each experience love.  I have spent significant time on the topic of love because love is one of the few things that can make this crazy world we live in more compassionate.  It behooves us to discuss love as much as we can.  When I write about  love, my writing  it is based on my own experiences of love,  my long study of human nature and the human condition, and my long-time work as a professional behavioral clinician.  I hope that some of what I write resonates with certain readers.  I have suggested that love can be viewed from several levels.  Pseudo-Love is that false kind of love.  Basic-Love is the process of experiencing and trying to understand what love means.  Deeper-Love is taking love to a deeper level. For two individuals to develop beyond pseudo-love (falling-in-love) and beyond basic-love (growing-in-love), I say  there must be deeper experiences of love and belonging. I contend that the more love is experienced, the more it has a chance to develop to ever deep-seated and deep-rooted levels. I propose that to love-deeper is to live-deeper. I maintain that love at deeper levels involves and takes some form of the following 5-conditions:  intimacy, union, devotion, respect, and commitment.  In the immediate posts to come I will discuss these conditions.

deeper love

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