In a recent post, it was suggested that love can take the form of parental love, romantic love, and brotherly love.  In the Theory of Balanceology, it is hypothesized that love can also be viewed, identified, and defined according to three Love-Levels —> pseudo-love, basic-love, and deeper-love. Love-Levels pertain to the degree and the depths of love.  Pseudo-Love is presented in this post, and three future posts. According to Eric Fromm, love is a “rare phenomenon,” and what happens in its place is a kind of “pseudo-love.” (1956) Pseudo-love is a fantasy level love, a love for love’s sake, and loving the idea of love.  It is synthetic, insecure, and seeks constant reassurance. It can easily morph into  tainted-love. Pseudo-love is a frustrating attempt to fill our primal need for attachment, affiliation, connection, belonging, and intimacy. It is often a futile attempt to overcome our loneliness and separation. It is frequently love masked as sex, or sex masked as love. Pseudo-love is an example of where the heart appears to have a mind of its own. The Theory of Balanceology contends that pseudo-love has the following 3-conditions: infatuation, lovesickness, and falling-in-love (more to come).


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