What is Love?

In a previous post, I stated that all of us from time to time ask the question, “What is Love?”  Do you think sometimes that the use of  the word love is overused, or even wrongly used?  We often talk about loving our dogs, our country, our cars, our houses, certain foods, certain clothes, etc. Sometimes, doesn’t it seem we love just about every- thing? That is fine; I guess. People have a right to love what and whom they want to. However, in this narrative I will only use the word love in the sense of having love for another human being  –> human love need. According to  Edward Ford, “our need for love can only be fulfilled through and with another human being. Love is never a solo act.” (1983) We love people, but maybe we should like things? People are loveable, but maybe things are likeable?  We need people, but maybe we should only want things? And, at least for me, when it comes to time and energy it is really only possible to abundantly love a few people —> to generously love another person consumes a lot of time and energy. The main questions related to love for me have become: “Who has loved me?,” “Who have I loved?,” “Who loves me?, and “Who do I love?” The answers to these key questions lets me know a lot about myself and where my love journey has been, the present state of my love story, and the direction where my experiences in-and-for love is heading. So, I ask the questions again, “What is love?”


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