Sexual Healing

In the Theory of Balanceology, I advance the notion that sex is a human need that we try to satisfy.  I propose our sexual need can go beyond the mechanical aspects of sex and go to deeper levels of intimacy and connection with another human being. Thus, I theorize that deeper sexuality includes deeper levels of fulfilling our Belonging-Need. Deeper sexuality connects sex with love at more intimate levels. Deeper sexuality goes beyond sensorial pleasure —> sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. It includes the sensorial but it is also involves sensuality, intimacy, and love. After years of struggling with depression, drug addiction, and sexual promiscuity Marvin Gaye wrote and sang Sexual Healing. It is a song about a sexuality that intimately connects and heals. I say sexual healing is a bonding that involves sex + love + morality + emotions + consciousness. Sexual healing involves deeper sexual experiences. A healing sexuality is a bio-energetic force of its own —> there is biological energy in sexual healing. A sex that heals includes a post bio-energetic organismic response. During orgasm there is a release of the hormone dopamine that gives great pleasure. But shortly after the orgasm there is a mind-body return to a hedonistic status quo and equilibrium. However, sexual healing includes a post-orgasmic touching, kissing, holding, cuddling, caressing that releases oxytocin (the cuddle hormone).  I propose that this pre/post orgasm continuity is a significant bonding factor between two individuals.

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