Sexual Orientation

To be different brings prejudice and that difference applies to race, various ethnic groups, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and LGBTQ individuals.  A lot of prejudice and discrimination is related to ignorance and fear of the unknown. And, a lot of  prejudice and discrimination is related to power, dominance, and control over others. This control can emanate from various political, judicial, medical, and even religious communities. Much of this prejudice is tied into our human nature and cultural values. That is, the reality of various minority groups being different from my reality and values makes their reality wrong. The end result is the demonization and dehumanization of people who are different. This post addresses LGBTQ individuals. There has been a long machinational process based on animosity and repulsion towards the LGBTQ Community. Doesn’t prejudice towards LGBTQ individuals seem to carry additional hypocrisy when it comes from the religious community? Instead of trying to understand LGBTQ individuals, the religious community has been more one of “peccatum illud horrible inter christianos non nominandum,”  or, “that horrible crime not to be named by Christians.”  I wonder if Rev. Carlton Pearson is correct when he contended that“I would say that the more a preacher or moral leader talks about the evils of sex or homosexuality, the more likely it is that he’s engaging in exactly that behavior in the shadows.” (2010)


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