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In my desire to advance the Theory of Balanceology, I have decided to make my book, Balanceology: The 4 M’s of motivation, meaning, measurement, mitigation, free upon request. The Theory of Balanceology is a nature-based theoretical and therapeutic model. It is the study of what it requires to live a life in balance and health. It is the study of how each one of us has to figure-out and discover life’s delicate balance. The central idea of the theory and therapeutic mode is generated from Nature’s time-honored leanings towards balance. The Big Idea and backbone of the theory is “Balance Is Everything.” The model theorizes that humans are motivated to satisfy our inborn natural needs (M-1), and thus add meaning to our life (M-2).  When a person is having personal and/or interpersonal problems, an assessment and measurement (M-3) is made of the current level of meeting needs, and the degree of dysfunctional symptoms. Need satisfaction and symptoms determine the level a person is in-or-out of balance, and in-or-out of health. Mitigation (M-4) involves building the personal and interpersonal skills it will require to better meet and satisfy needs, and thus lower unhealthy symptoms. I believe the Theory of Balanceology can be a model of hope for those individuals who have made the choice to become the architect of their life, by taking charge of their life. The author invites readers to adapt ideas and concepts that make sense to you, but not to completely adopt them:  i. e. think-for-yourself and make up your own mind. Thus, the model encourages readers to build a worldview, philosophy, vision, mission, and values that make sense.

The model gravitates towards those individuals who can image the existence of worlds beyond their own. It is directed at those curious people who are not offended by alternative worldviews, but instead are actively searching for additional ways to view the world.  Warning #1: the model will give the reader a nontraditional intellectual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual “workout.” Warning #2: This model seriously dares to criticize and challenge certain political, cultural, and religious sacred cows (sometimes with colorful language), and will offend and anger some readers. I know this theoretical and therapeutic paradigm will not be a cup-of-tea for everyone.

If this model sounds like something you are interested in knowing more about, please email a formal request to, for a free copy. A PDF copy (378 pages) will be attached to your email and send back to you. Please add the demographic data related to your name, highest educational level, occupation, age, sex, city of residence, and country. Of course, if your preference is a published bounded copy of the book, please go to, or Barnes and Nobles and order one. However, why purchase a copy of my book when you can get a PDF copy for free.

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