Repression and Pornography

For the last several posts I have been focusing on human sexuality.  The Theory of Balanceology, theorizes that we have a sexual need that has the potential to take us  to deeper levels of understanding ourselves, and connecting with another human being.  I have wondered what role pornography plays in human sexuality. Niles Eldredge said, “pornography in the United States alone is a multibillion dollar industry.  Peep shows, sex shops, nude dancing.” (2004) I wonder if it  is possible to discuss pornography from two points of view? 1.) Healthy pornography -> Can a certain amount of pornographic material be healthy? I have found that erotic literature, sex toys, magazines, videos can be fun and healthy entertainment. Such materials can be useful in sexual arousal and play. The majority of us males (maybe females too) have had our fair share of “pornographic materials.” However, I agree with Thomas Moore that, “most of us learn soon enough that erotic literature or entertainment, even as any form of sexual gratification is not satisfying,” and for the experimenter, “pornography is more a mystery than a problem.” (1998 2.) Unhealthy pornography –> Does the problem arise when scintillation becomes obsession? Is there a problem if pornography is used to meet basic sexual needs, and is a substitute for deeper (intimate) sexual experiences? There appears to be a significant correlation between repression and perversion. If excessive pornography is an attempt to meet one’s need to belong with, and to love another human being, there is a problem.  Niles Eldredge  said, “sex sells,” and our culture buys a lot of sex. The question is, “What does excessive pornography do to a person?” And, more important I ask, “What does excessive pornography do to an entire culture?” Something to think about.

images pornography

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