Think for Yourself

I have told my story before, and I will tell it again in future posts.  At some point in my life I could no longer remain attached to a childhood taught worldview.  I commenced on a journey to find a worldview, philosophy, vision, mission, and values I could attest to and live by.  My journey eventually evolved into the Theory of Balanceology.  As always, please feel free to adapt ideas from my worldview that make sense to you.  But please, don’t adopt them completely.  That is, commence on your own journey if you are no longer comfortable with childhood indoctrination, being politically correct, or fearing to acquire new knowledge.  In other words, think-for-yourself and build a view of the world that makes sense to you.  For those who start on such a journey, I am proud of you, and I wish you great luck. I invite you to post any aspects of your worldview on this site that you want to share.


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