Gift of Sex

Bishop Spong maintained, “sex can be called the greatest gift to humanity, and the greatest enigma of our lives. It is a gift in that it is a singular joy for all beings, and an enigma in its destructive potential for people and their relationships.”(1990) Sigmund Freud maintained that the two basic instinctual drives for human beings are:  sex and aggression. Some people say Freud over emphasized these two drives. Some people de-emphasis and downplay the importance of human sex and sexuality. Yet, I affirm that our sexuality is of primal importance.  All humans take a journey into experiencing and understanding sex and their sexuality.   According to these experiences, all humans will develop their views on sex.  We spend years identifying our sexual desires and what role sex has in connecting us  with other human beings.  In the Theory of Balanceology, I recognize the gift of pleasure that sex gives.  However, it appears to me the most meaningful gift of sex is when it involves and interacts with another person through and with the other deeper human needs of love, morality, emotions, and consciousness.  Mostly, I have gradually come to understand the goodness of sex, the depths of sex, and the naturalness of sex if it is not overused, misused, or used to abuse another person. Please add any comments that can add to the discussion.



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