Human Sex Need

Have you ever heard that it is a wise idea not to get into discussions or debates  related to politics and religion?  I suggest that advice sometimes applies when it comes to sex and sexuality.  Be that as it may,  in several posts to come I am probably going to say some things about human sexuality that are not politically correct for certain people.  Thus, I am going to  give the advice that Betty Davis gave in one of her older movies to, “fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”  My discussion about human sex is based on my own experiences in life,  mountains of research, and my current understanding of human nature and the human condition.  I welcome comments of support or nonsupport related to the posts to come.  I just ask that you try not to be overly defensive, offensive, or nasty in your comments. Let’s get started.  I attest that we humans  have a  powerful sex drive. Over the years, while I was trying to experience my own innate needs, I had to make a determination where sex and sexuality came into my life. Over time I came to the conclusion that sex is much more than a basal (basic) need in my life. Gradually I came to adjudge sex as so much more than a drive. I now value  sexuality as a primal need.  It is considerably more than a want. Sex is a primary energetic force —> an awakening life force. I propose that sex is one of our central tasks and is part of our existence and our reality. I now envision sex as a means to experience our humanity. I deem our sexuality as being beneficial to experience the very nature of “Who am I?,” and “What am I?” In the Theory of Balanceology, I identify sex as one of the five deeper human needs along with love, morality, emotions, and consciousness. I conceptualize deeper sexuality as a factor that allows us to experientially go into the depths of nature, human nature and our own nature. I view sex as a deeper-need that if vastly satisfied can abundantly contribute to enriching a life that has meaning, balance, and mind-body health. Yet, after having noted all of the previous remarks, I came to realize that in many respects human sexuality is a great mystery. And, I maintain that a remarkable facet of our great appeal for sex lies in this mysterious element! For some, Marilyn Monroe is considered to be a dizzy blonde. For me, I appreciate and value her words in the following quote:


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