Human Deeper Needs

I recently posted the Theory of Balanceology predicts that to have some meaning and mind and body health in our life, we have to satisfy our inherited needs as best we can. Life truly becomes a balancing act of how to best satisfy these nature-based needs. Our Basal Needs are human nature’s base, initial, beginning, and/or early needs.  Basal needs are those entry-level needs that are the footage, and set the stage for being able to better satisfy the deeper and higher needs that follow.  Basal reality needs pertain to our Self- Needs of safety/security, worth, empowerment, and enjoyment.  Our Belonging-Needs relate to interpersonal and social connections. Our Deeper needs include the concept of depthen.  Depthen concerns depth, deepening, and/or going deeper. It pertains to those deep-seated needs that take a deep dive into human genomic biology —-> human nature. Depthen refers to bringing deeper meaning to our life by having vaster experiences with our instincts, impulses, drives and core needs. I postulate that the deeper and vaster we nurture our genomic nature-based needs,  the more meaningful, balance-centered, grounded, and healthy our life becomes. For many posts to follow I will be defining and describing the Theory of Balanceology’s Deeper Needs pertaining to:  human sex, human love, human morality, human emotions, and human consciousness.


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