Basal Need Summary

The Theory of Balanceology is the study of how to satisfy our inborn needs, and thus at some level live a life that has mind-health, body-health, and has some degree of meaning. It is a study of how to satisfy our inborn needs in order to maintain that delicate balance between being healthy and unhealthy emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  The theory postulates that there are various levels of needs we try to satisfy.  I have spend a significant amount of time addressing our Basal Self-Needs for security/safety (free from harm), worth (self-esteem), empowerment (self-determination), and enjoyment (happiness).  Anyone that is new to this site can review previous posts that go into detail defining our Basal Self-Needs.  The theory also suggests we have innate Basal Belonging-Needs of interpersonal and social connection, that I defined in previous posts.  Our Basal Self-Needs and Belonging-Needs our those ground-level basic needs that set the stage for being able to  go deeper into our human nature, in order to start satisfying our deeper-needs that bring deeper-meaning to our life (much more to come), and our higher-needs that bring higher-meaning to our life (much more to come). In the immediate posts that follow I will start to define and detail our deeper needs. The Theory of Balanceology is based on my own life experiences, my educational background, and the way I have come to understand human nature and the human condition. I welcome you to adapt what makes sense to you, but not to completely adopt what my theory suggests.  That is, use the concepts presented in my theory in a way you think can be useful in your own life.


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