Human Dilemma

Our Dilemma – Each one of us will have to figure out the manner in which we choose to solve the far-reaching predicament and dilemma of connecting with others, and at the same time saving some space for just ourselves. Individually we must find the answers to questions related to:  “How do I keep my personhood and remain my unique Self?, “How do I fulfill my Self-Needs and at the same time my Belonging-Needs?,” “How do I balance-out my Self-Needs with my Belonging-Needs?,” “How can the mutuality of belonging co-exist with the insularity of the Self?”, “How do I become part of a community and its normative expectations, yet be able to explore, be creative, experiment, and experience my individuality?,” And, most important, “If I decide not to interpersonally or socially belong, but instead decide to hermetically seal myself off from others, will I be strong enough to deal with any loneliness that may follow (detailed in future posts)?” In trying to come to terms with this predicament it is probably wise to heed what the poet Kahlil Gibran said when he cautioned, “let there be spaces in your togetherness.” That is, in our need to belong we must leave some room and space just for ourselves. Our dilemma is truly one of proportionality:  i. e. what portion of myself am I willing to share with another person? Our dilemma is a paradoxical predicament and vulnerability between separation and belonging.


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