Belonging – Community

The Theory of Balanceology maintains that part of our social Belonging-Need includes community connections. Most of us belong to many communities –—> work community, school community, church community, a city, a state, a province, a country, and maybe various clubs. The communities we participate in make us part of a group. For de Sola Pool, “there is a compulsion within us to see ourselves set within the framework of the group. It is an attribute of man that he does not walk alone. Who is there who walks alone is emotionally at peace?  We need others, others need us, and we are eager to be needed.” (1966)  In a group the Self becomes embedded within a community. In the group there is group attachment (affection) and group affiliation (association). Paul Tillich advised that, “only in the continuous encounter with other persons does the person become and remain a person. The place of this encounter is in the group.” (1952) George de Leon stated, “the healing and learning properties of community resemble general curative factors in psychological and group therapies.” (2000) Here George de Leon is referring to the healing factors of therapeutic communities. However, I maintain that these healing factors of relatedness can apply to many community connections. The pull of some community groups can last a lifetime. There are some individuals that want to belong to many communities.  And, there are some of us who only need to belong to a few meaningful community groups. Question:  How many community groups do you belong to, and are they helping satisfy your social Belonging-Need?

community belonging

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