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Social belonging, or what the German’s call Gemeinschaftsgefuhl (social feeling), is part of being human. The Theory of Balanceology  suggests that humans have an instinctual Belonging-Need to have interpersonal person-to-person connections.  It also maintains that we have a need for social belonging ——-> social connections and community connections.  That is, as human beings we have some form of a “social feeling” or a social connecting need. It is a need that goes beyond our need for interpersonal belonging (familial, friends and romantic).  We are social animals and we have a need for social contact and to be around other people. Even introverts like myself require some level of social contact. I maintain our need for social contact is profoundly related to our long historical biological origins and inheritance. I  value the two following quotations that refer to this social Belonging-Need: “The social phenomenon is the culmination and not the attenuation of the biological phenonmenon.”  (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1961), and  “Because my biology and my upbringing help make me a social creature; and, therefore I am never  completely a person in my own right.  If I accept this ‘reality’ I shall probably get along fairly well both as an individual and as a social person.”  (Albert Ellis, 2001) Question:  For the readers, to what degree is this social connection need expressed in your life?

social belonging

One thought on “Belonging – Social

  1. Miguel Jurado No man is an island therefore social interactions is inevitable. I think from the mother’s womb we are already getting that social feeling of interpersonal person to person connection. How we developed such feelings growing up makes for a healthier member of society in many facets of our lives. Personally aged have ease my shyness that made me introvert. Introversion for me has dissipated and made my social interactions more interestings by participating and engaging with people in all sorts of social setting.


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