Belonging – Friends

Dyadic connection – Home + family (refer to previous posts) sets the stage for the basal Belonging-Need interpersonal dyads. These duo interpersonal connections can take many forms –—> friend/friend, teacher/student, boss/employee, or lover/lover. In the Theory of Balanceology, I emphasize and concentrate on the romantic dyadic mode (posts to come). The romantic dyad is seeking a counter-partner in life.  However, the idea of having true close friends cannot be over emphasized. There is enjoyment in the fraternization with friends. Friends are having that inner circle of support, backing, companionship, and individuals to confide in. Friends matter! There truly is something special about having a special frick-and-frack friendship. However, I have found friends of that sort can be hard to find. I think we all can ask how many true friends we have that have our back, and we can count on, no matter what. The number of sincere friends for most of us can be numbered on one hand. I have learned that it is possible to like many people, and to have many acquaintances, but time-wise and energy-wise allows most of us to deeply know only a few people. I know there are individuals on various social media sites who brag about having hundreds and thousands of friends.  I suggest a better term for these social media contacts is probably acquaintances. Sadly, I can give several examples of somebody who knows everybody but intimately has nobody.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Belonging – Friends

  1. Miguel Jurado Friends, real friends vs acquaintance one we confine and share our deepest fears and sorrows as well as the good times and the other we might just relate in a polite superficial manners. Took me a long time to understand what a lovely little old lady told me in my youth;”If you can count your true friends with one hand you are lucky.” Many disappointments have I had choosing friends been too trustfull. Many friends have come and gone or at least what I thought were friends. But always willing to make new ones and giving always the benefit of the doubt. In spite disappointments wont give up because there is always much to learn about people and oneself. Social media friends is a whole new ball game that we have yet to see if it has positive benefits for communities at large and or to single individuals.


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