In the Theory of Balanceology, I focus our basal Belonging-Need on two ways-to-belong:  1.) interpersonal belonging, and 2.) social belonging. Interpersonal belonging involves person-to-person relationships. They are relationships with a family member, a lover, or significant friendships. Relationships are meaningful connections with another person and the forming of strong emotional, psychological, and behavioral bonds by way of attachment and affiliation: 1.) attachment are ties of affection that bond two individuals together, and 2.) affiliation pertains to ties of association that connect two individuals together.  In posts to come, I concentrate on two forms of interpersonal belonging -> familial and dyadic. Social belonging  (social feeling) is part of being human. In posts to come, I emphasize two forms of social belonging -> social connections and community connections. Please give feedback, or ask questions as I detail these forms of belonging.

sense of belonging

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