Existential Need

I want to make a case that our Belonging-Need has existential components. For me, my need to belong is part of my existential journey, because connecting with others adds meaning to my  existence. Mother Teresa’s writings are existential in nature with her insightful appreciation that “the biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of not belonging.” Aristotle maintained that not belonging with other people, isolates and dehumanizes people. This existential need to belong is seen for basal, deeper, and higher need relationships. Writing from a sociological perspective Harry Stack Sullivan referred to human nature’s innate “integrating tendencies” are about “becoming a person.” (1953)  Sullivan proposed that integrating tendencies are part of our biological make-up. He said becoming a person includes an interdependence that comes from having belonging relationships. We appear to be a biologically lonely species where loneliness is a primal condition, and only through belonging relationships can some of that condition be alleviated. Belongingness is that innate genomic force that pushes us to go beyond the reality of our own insular cocoon. I so value and appreciate the following quotes related to our Belonging-Need:  Barbara King said, “belongingness is mattering to someone who matters to you.” (2007)  For W. W. Broadbent, “belonging instinct inlcudes any behavior that involves seeking acceptance, approval, esteem, or love from other.” (1976)  John Powell maintained that, “all personal growth, all personal damage and regression, as well as all personal healing and growth come through our relationships with other.” (1969)  And, William Glasser said, “briefly, we must be involved with other people, one at the minimum, but hopefully many more than one. At all times in our lives we must have at least one person who cares about us, and whom we care for ourselves. If we do not have that essential person, we will not be able to fulfill our basic needs.” (1975) What do you think?

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