The aim of the previous posts  was to demonstrate how humans have an innate drive to satisfy the basal Self-Needs of anxiety/security, worth, empowerment, and enjoyment. However, we also have an inborn desire to satisfy basal Belonging-Needs. The posts to come will name and detail our basal Belonging-Needs. We are a belonging and relationship oriented species having an instinctual pull to be with others. We have a longing-to-belong! No single person can  be 100% self-contained. Longing concerns a yearning, aspiration, or impulse. Belonging is being part of someone else’s life.  Belonging is a need to connect with others and to be more than just the Self. Belonging with another human is in huge contrast to having belongings —> belongings are wanting and the accumulation of stuff. A sententious part of my journey has been trying to understand the many ups and downs I have had in my interactions with others, in trying to build relationships, and realizing how truly difficult it can be to know another person. My journey includes trying to develop better ways to interact and connect with other people. I strongly desire to belong and to form relationships that are endearing-and-enduring.  I suggest that all of us seek some form of interpersonal and social connections. I maintain that the fulfillment of basal Belonging-Needs sets the stage to access deeper Belonging-Needs. Only by interacting and connecting with people can we experience the nature of belonging with others.

Donne - no man island

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