Humor is the last feature I will include in our Enjoyment Need. I suggest that humor is an important part of enjoyment. Not some mean spirited hollow jocularity, but humor that is uplifting and enjoyable.  If done appropriately humor can be of help during moments of sadness, loss, and grief. Sobel and Ornstein recommend we use “humor instead of anger,” and even use “humor to handle anxiety.” (1996) Humor can be one of those techniques we can use to avoid a knee-jerk reaction during heated emotional situations. Rabelais proposed that, “to laugh is characteristic of man.” (16th Cent)  Humor is part of the joy of laughing —-> “I will laugh.” Risible moments that elicit laughter are needed by all of us. Over time I have found a laughter that is associated with all the craziness there is in this world. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at all the crazy, weird, and unnatural things we humans are capable of doing. I am doing a better job of going-with-the-flow concerning the absurdities of human nature, and how these flapdoodles are played out in my own life. Absurdities in life that sometimes there is no response to but to cry or laugh, and I prefer laughter. I am even doing a better job with tongue-in-check bantering. I am trying to do a better job of laughing at the imperfections I find in myself.  I am trying to reach a point where I can jokingly be self-deprecating about my own craziness and absurdities, and not take myself so seriously. Over time it can be easier to be self-effacing about our own quirks, insecurities, and silliness. Without the human ability to both play and share humor, I sometimes wonder how much crazier and mean the human world could be.


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