Over the last week I have made some posts related to the human basal Enjoyment Need for some level of happiness in our life.  Our need for enjoyment and happiness really isn’t fully addressed without some focus on human play. I propose that play is natural, play is good, and all of us need to play. It is when we are having playful fun. Play is part of the human basal Enjoyment Need no matter what our age may be. Play is a useful form of socialization no matter what our age may be. Play is a natural component of life —-> play for plays sake. There is an innocence coming from pure play that brings a kind of pristine emoji expression of joy. Play  is the liveliness that comes from living in the moment where we can “laissez les bons temps rouler,” or “let the good times roll.” Pure joy and delight springs forth from such activities as dancing, writing, painting, drawing, and sing-song rhythm and thyme. I experience emotive, cognitive, and intuitive natural play that comes from a walk in the rain, smell of flowers,  hiking, horsing around, and gardening. There is au natural play in a carefree bare feet walking in the grass. Play connects me with Nature, human nature, and my own nature. Play has been called the foundation of childhood learning for both emotive and cognitive learning. I say play has a role in intuition and creativity. That is, during playfulness our inner intuitiveness can be released and this can release an inner creativeness. Play is a foundational source of enjoyment in life because it is about elation, being jovial, festivity, gleefulness, gaiety, and merriment. I so appreciate Nietzsche saying,  “I know no better means to deal with great tasks but play; this is an essential prerequisite and sign of greatness.” I suggest play can be an anecdote for boredom, anxiety, and even depression. What do you think?


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