Long-term hedonism

Over the last week I made posts concerning the human need to find enjoyment in life.  Our Enjoyment Need includes pleasure (hedonism).  In the previous post, I discussed short-term hedonism.  In this post, I will detail long-term hedonism. Epicureanism is frequently interpreted as pleasure for pleasure’s sake,  or that unending parade of sensual and bodily excitement. However, I point out that the Epicurean approach to enjoyment is really oriented towards eudaemonism —-> a Greek word for happiness. Eudaemonism is a happiness that is oriented towards pursuing a balance between the mind and body. In the Theory of Balanceology, I equate eudaemonism with a constancy of contentment. Rosenbaum maintained that, “Epicurus taught that all life is oriented toward pleasure but that the rational being will differentiate between short-term physical pleasures that are destructive and pleasures of the mind that are ultimately gratifying. Here was the Epicurean approach to the good and evil life.” (1982) Long-term hedonism is a pursuit for those activities that are healthy for both the mind and the body and are long-term oriented.  Long-term hedonism is:  a.)  an enlightened pursuit of enjoyment of the body and the mind,  b.)  an enjoyment that brings a balance between the more bodily oriented pleasure and mind pleasure,  c.)   an enjoyment that is a realization of our mind-body connections.  d.)  an enjoyment that comes to us, and at times can be shared with another, and has the potential to connect with another, e.)  an exultation that allows us to connect with Nature, human nature, and our own nature, and  f.)  approaches food not only for bodily pleasure and nourishment, but also for the joy it brings to life,  its sustainment of life, and the comaraderie that comes from mutual enjoyment of food with others.

healthy hedonism

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