Architect of My Life

If one element of empowerment is viewed as internal locus-of-control, it becomes an empowering concept. Self-empowerment = self-determinism. I started my journey that lead to the Theory of Balanceology, with an external locus-of-control supernatural dependency. My entire journey has been a movement to discover an internal locus-of-control of independency. My journey has evolved into a self-empowerment where I have the freedom to make my own decisions and choices in my life. Life is complicated! Hopefully, at some point we  are able to make decisions and choices for ourself. Self-empowerment is the perception and thinking, “I Am the Architect of My Life!” Self- empowerment is the anti-thesis of self-helplessness (learned helplessness). Self-empowerment is having the ability to manage our life, and do it with a certain degree of autonomy. Stein maintained that the, “drive for autonomy is the inner energy of any organism trying to extend itself, to fulfill itself to enlarge its life and its being.” (1965)

A realistic striving for empowerment can manifest itself in ambition. Ambition is an empowering word, a teleological word that gives a person additional energy to advance in life. I view autonomy-and-ambition as two self-evolutionary words that drive a person forward and can help overcome ambivalence. I maintain that an internal sense of locus-of-control is embedded in the Empowerment Need. Many people adhere to the philosophy that “things happen for a reason.” However, I assert that “things happen for a reason” is an external way of viewing life events and conditions. I contend that saying and believing that “things happen for a reason” is just a too deterministic and an external locus-of-control concept. For me, it is too much of an attitude of que sera sera, “what will be, will be.” I advance the notion that a much healthier empowering, internal locus-of-control view is “things happen in my life and I have the autonomy-and-ambition to manage those happenings.”

architect image

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