Power-centered People

The Theory of Balanceology warns  us that  our human Empowerment Need can easily transition into a want for power.   Power-centered people are those power-players and power-brokers driven with a goal to control other people, objects, and situations. This puppet-master encroachment seems to elevate them with a feeling of importance. Hegemonic control appears to increase their sense of superiority. I suggest power-centered individuals are those predators preying on the defenseless  -> those victimizers, plunderers, and exploiters. The power-centered will destroy what stands in their way. Lord Acton asserted that, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (1887)  President Lincoln said, “nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Power and control become addictive just like a drug, for power brings a seductive high with it. Power can become intoxicating and actually lead to hormonal epinephrine surges and neuro-transmitter change levels. Like a seductive addictive drug, a pseudo-sense of self-confidence grows with power-control. There is an ego enjoyment in the deferential submissive control and manipulation of others. Manipulation is a key deceptive strategy of conniving  and jawboning. Manipulation is used by those wolves dressed in sheep clothing who exploit and make others subservient. For Shostrom, “the manipulation, the understanding of human nature is good just for one purpose: control.” (1968) Aristotle maintained that, “from the hour of their birth, some men are marked for subjection, and others rule.”

Power-centered people are those bullying Trumpian titans, doublespeak tyrants, condescending  braggarts, and salacious predators. They are frequently seen among opportunistic business leaders, judges, law enforcement officials, elite celebrities, high church officials, and criminals. Politics involves power and unsavory influence peddling politicians who control through money, unlimited terms in office, gerrymandering, cronyism, engratiating sweet-talk, and/or pandering favors. For the wealthy the will-to-power comes in the form of will-to-money. For power-centered individuals fame + fortune + ego, and enhancing status + prestige are the ultimate goals. It was Baruch Spinoza who maintained that profit motive and accumulating acquisitions are forms of our species madness. Power-centered people try to fulfill the 3 R’s —> be respected, have a reputation (rep), and take revenge on those they dislike or cross them.


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