Theory of Balanceology

I have been on a mission over the last many years to discover and build a worldview I can attest to and follow. The end result of my search is my book, Balanceology:  The 4 M’s of motivation, meaning, measurement, mitigation.  My autobiographical journey evolved into a theory and practice. The Theory of Balanceology is the study of what it takes to live a life in balance and health. It is a study of how to discover and maintain a life’s delicate balance. The centric idea of the theory comes from the time honored nature based concept of balance. The Big Idea and backbone of my theory is “Balance Is Everything.” The model theorizes that we are motivated to satisfy our inherent needs (M-1), and thus add meaning to our life (M-2).  When a person is having personal and interpersonal problems an assessment and measurement (M-3) is made of the level of meeting needs and the current level of dysfunctional symptoms. Need satisfaction and current symptoms determine the degree a person is in-or-out of balance and health. Mitigation (M-4) involves building the personal and interpersonal skills it requires to better meet and satisfy our needs and thus lower unhealthy symptoms. For additional information related to my book, theory, and practice visit and/or

Balanceology the Book Cover

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