Worth Self-efficacy sub-need

The final Worth Need sub-need I wish to indicate is self-efficacy. Self-efficacy sub-need involves personal effectiveness. It is about a self-determining Self who is being effective in his/her life. Self-efficacy is doing something that is meaningful. Self-effectiveness is facing, dealing with, and managing the ways of life. Achieving self-efficacy under trying circumstances is a kind of sangfroid characteristic that allows a person to remain calm, cool, and composed. Albert Bandura considers self-efficacy a cognitive concept, because it is a person’s thinking (belief or not) that he/she has the ability to effectively perform in a certain situation. Self-efficacy is a belief that says, “I have the ability and the skills to act in this circumstance.” The path to achieve efficacy is through mastery experiences that come from bringing tasks to effective completion. Simply, if we do something to completion long enough there is a familiarization mastery of it. Mastery experiences are usually acclimated to and achieved over time. Mastery experiences build habituation skills of confidence, and competence. Mastering life skills is a step in self-evolution. Children who are given the opportunity to build mastery skills are truly fortunate, especially if they have a concerned mentor to help them build those skills. A developmental childhood history of mastery experiences allows a child to learn to be effective and to interact in a fluid world of many changes and challenges. And, cogently the mastery experiences in one area often generalize to other areas in life. I attest that self-efficacy has a relationship with epigenetic activation (switching-on) and energetic efficiency (enhanced energy).   Self-efficacy says:I can do it - self-efficacy

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