Work sub-need

Our Work sub-need has the potential to help satisfy our Worth Need. People are drawn to work to satisfy inherent inner needs. Muriel James and John James hypothesize that “work is a biological need.” (1991) Work is about fulfilling  what Sigmund Freud said a well-adjusted person should have —> we need both “lieben und arbeiten,” or love and work. Worth comes from work that is meaningful, brings satisfaction, and has a true sense of accomplishment. I argue work is one of the hallmarks of emotional and psychological health. Work gives a person a chance to use innate aptitudes and abilities. Voltaire felt, “meaningful work is integral to a meaningful life.” (19th Cent) Somewhat controversial, but still true, it is beneficial to note that research indicates indicates that not working from either being unemployed or from some from of welfare dependency can activate stress that can cause emotional, psychological, and/or physical



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