Human Pride

Human Pride is connected to the Worth sub-need of achievement and can take the form of:

                   Authentic pride comes from real accomplishment. Authentic pride is self-evolutionary driven ambition of honest effort leading to honest success. Honest success is earned success by way of a sincere effort, being productive, and often at the cost of personal sacrifice (eg. the time it takes to obtain a college degree). Short-term sacrifice is the cost one is willing to pay for long-term success. Earned success is dignity the person acquires; a pride that can’t be bought. Earned success is, “I am somebody.” Gravitas is authentic pride generated from honest effort and a noteworthy meritocracy coming from true achievement and success. In Chapter 26, of Balanceology:  The 4 M’s of motivation, meaning, measurement, mitigation, I have a discussion on shielding people from life and life’s challenges. We need to be careful because shielding and enabling can keep a person from authentic pride of real accomplishment.

                   Hubristic pride is a spurious false pride connected to arrogance. Hubristic arrogance is a nobody wanting to be somebody without doing the work. It is pride that is non-evolutionary driven pretentious ambition and posturing. It is based on egoistic vanity and not earned success through accomplishment. Hubristic pride is an egocentric pride of self-praise where praise is not deserved. It is a bloviating  pride of pomposity and boastfulness. It is a pride of self-congratulation, self-aggrandizement, and smugness. Hubristic pride tries to fulfill wants instead of satisfying real needs. In lieu of true achievement, a false pride takes its place that is only an embellishment of true achievement. Hubristic pride is taking a short cut to achievement, or trying to achieve something on the backs of others. The Theory of Balanceology suggests that hubristic  pride springs forth from underlying insecurity, mistrust, loneliness, and paranoia.


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