Achievement sub-need

We all have an innate need to aspire towards something. We have teleological aims, ambitions, goals, and an entelechial need for fulfillment. Achievement is a worth sub-need of aspiration to achieve and fulfill our goals. To achieve something is asking the question, “What do I want to accomplish?” If accomplished, our basal-need for worth can flow into our deeper-needs that include positive emotions and positive thoughts. To achieve something in our life brings meaning and purpose to our life. Worth need correlates with an achievement that is a reward in itself, for once achieved there is no need to brag about what you accomplished. I think real achievement correlates with an honest display of humility, and this correlates with having a firm sense of security in oneself where there is no need to boast.

I maintain that achievement doesn’t have to be a big thing. I can find worth in the accomplishment of obtaining a college degree, or in meticulously mowing the lawn. Achievement coming from hard-work and invested time-effort is achievement that brings about self-confidence. For Sameron, “a major part of socialization is learning that effort and endurance usually pay greater dividends than resorting to short cuts.” (1998) However, because of biology (anxiety, paranoia, and mistrust), and socialization (cultural conformity) we frequently judge ourselves before true achievement can take place. We often destroy the potential for true achievement due to personal and cultural interference. Albert Ellis postulated, “rating our ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviors seems to be the human condition – both innate and learned.” (2001)  We all need a real sense of achievement that comes by way of honest accomplishment that leads to authentic pride (explained in the next post).

Franklin-D-Roosevelt- achievement

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