Worth Sub-Needs

The Worth Need is seen in our dreams of being someone. We are all natural dream weavers.  People weave dreams of  being a renowned singer, dancer, NFL football player, great politician, an outstanding writer (a dream of mine). I think the important questions concerning our worth need amounts to; “How can I internalize a feeling of being worthwhile,” and “How do I get some recognition from others of my worth?” I suggest the answer to both questions appear to be that the satisfaction of the Worth Need will only come to pass when our dreams are acted upon, and a self-realization that they are actually being achieved. Ford proposed, “our worth-need fulfillment is preserved when those around us perceive us as having value as a person, and when we perceive ourselves and our actions as having value.” (1983) We all need recognition of true accomplishments and having those moments to shine. At its most basic we all want a life that has dignity, matters, and where we are valued and respected by others. I divide the Worth Need into three sub-needs and detail them in the posts to follow —> achievement, work, and self-efficacy.

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