Worth Need

The Theory of Balanceology dictates that the second basal need for humans is our Worth Need. We surely are one hubris species having within our nature a significant need to be successful, to have self-worth, and to feel important. People want to be somebody! Worth Need is a basal Self-Need for all of us. According to Alfred Adler, humans have a major drive to feel worthwhile (1926). John Dewey said in each human’s deepest nature he/she wants to be exceptional; to be special (1939). I say it makes no difference of family background, social class, being rich or poor, the haves or the have nots, racial heritage, or level of education we all want to be somebody. For many of us this need to be important is our strongest drive. We want to be famous (stand out). Worth is related to status coming from a communities standing, position, and prestige. For some image and status is everything. And, I suggest that human nature appears to dictate that if we can’t stand out by achievement, accomplishment, or work there is often a turn towards infamous acts to stand out. That is, stand out through extreme negative actions to get attention;  eg. that horrid spectacle of evil Charles Manson. We desire attention and some of us will do almost anything to get it. This basal need for worth can be expressed as I am “the man,” the “koolest of the kool,” through a certain swagger, or by going after my “15 minutes of fame.” Doesn’t it appear that in this age of celebrity status seeking, reality shows, a desire for instant fame, selfies, self-centeredness, maximal self-focus, a craving for immediate self-gratification, that our need to stand out has become even more pronounced?  Our Worth Need certainly concerns one’s dignity, pride, self-esteem, or our need for R-E-S-P-E-C-T that Aretha Franklin captures in her song.

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