Safety/Security – paranoia

Our Basal Safety/Security Need is certainly related to paranoia. Paranoia  concerns our Chordata Phylum’s inherited response to be constantly on-guard for security/safety. The fear of the great unknown greatly adds to our insecurity and paranoia. Our Reptilian and Mammalian Brains are fearfully and vigilantly ready to activate our fight-flight response. Paranoia seems to have evolved from our primordial ancestors and has become another primal condition for human genomic make-up. Paranoia can easily become assumptive and delusional. In fact, paranoia is the most written about delusion. A delusion is a false belief not based on reality. I have discovered that my Reptilian and Mammalian Brain’s defensive paranoia has taken the form of some really crazy Neocortex delusional thinking. From time-to-time I certainly have asked some of the following questions: “Who is watching me?,” “Who is out to get me?,”  “Who is talking about me?,” “Who wants to hurt me?,” or  “Who is conspiring against me?” Our solipsistic nature is related to paranoia because when only my reality exists, by definition, there is a suspicion of the reality of others. Extreme solipsism is a formula for extreme paranoia. The paradox is that only by having some empathetic connections with the reality of others can there be a lowering of our sense of paranoia.



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