Safety/Security – fear

Fear for humans is innate and coincides with our primal inherited trait sense of anxiety. Some fears and superstitions have been around for thousands of years and have become part of our genetic make-up. They basically have become hard-wired into the human genome. We can be burdened and overwhelmed by fear. A significant part of my journey has been coming to terms with my fears. The fearful me is my scaredside. The fearful me leaves scared shadows that can lead to self-stagnation. The affrighted me is the abulia and ambivalent me; the side of me that is scared to make decisions. The fearful me was the side of me that was initially afraid to make a decision to escape from a childhood indoctrination. The fearful me is the side afraid to live, the side of my concealed characteristics, the side of my hidden secrets, and the side when I sometimes feel I am living in a cloud. The fearful me is about (+) energy when I try to prepare for “flight or fight.” Or, the fearful me can be about (-) energy when I explode with fear and I am overwhelmed. Fear has a way of keeping me from living in the moment. Initially fear kept me from appreciating, experiencing, and enjoying so much of what life has to offer in the Now. Tolstoy suggested that, “our whole life is taken up with anxiety for personal security, with preparations for living, so that we really never live at all.” (1900) In Deuteronomy there is a passage that says, “in the morning you will say, ‘We wish it were evening!’ In the evening you will say, ‘We wish it were morning!’ Your hearts will be filled with fear.” (28:67 NIRV)

I suggest that most of us (irrespective of culture) have deep-seated fears related to monsters (boogeyman),  death, being eaten alive, being buried alive (a blood-curdling fear of mine), corpses, fire, snakes (serpents), and rats. The night (the dark) is one of our most primitive fears.  It is also possible for us to acquire new fears quite readily by the psychological process of conditioning. Some examples of conditioned responses are the fear of drowning, tall buildings, or speaking in public. I maintain that we are conditioned to fear the superstitions and mythologies of a Satan, demons, bad angels, and a revengeful God. Finally, and importantly, I suggest that there are major beneficial and survival aspects that are related to fear;  i. e. fear does have a positive warning side.

fear image

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