Types of Anxiety

I wish to point out the distinction between Trait Anxiety and State Anxiety:

           Trait Anxiety is situated on the human genome. Trait anxiety is the nervosity of being human. However, some of us have inherited a much higher trait anxiety than others. Some of us are anxious about everything. Part of trait anxiety is the teleological anxiety of desiring to be somebody (Worth Need), and the entelechial anxiety related to having the drive to fulfill our aims, goals, wishes, and needs.

            State Anxiety concerns the environment we are in and the current conditions in life we are facing;  eg. giving a speech. State anxiety is the nervosity we have at any given moment. I suggest that those of us who have higher levels of trait anxiety will manage state anxiety less effectively than those individuals who have “normal” levels of trait anxiety.

David McElroy said there is, “something in his very nature which causes him to be unremittingly anxious about himself. Man is a creature  who suffers needless worries, from unreasonable doubt, and from countless fears – and he does this because it is in his very nature, to do so, because he is man.” (1972)

2 thoughts on “Types of Anxiety

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