Safety/Security – Anxiety

Anxiety – According to Thoreau, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  Because of our need to survive we have truly become one anxious species. Human anxiety is a primordial condition, and is an integral part of being human. Anxiety concerns perturbation, disquietude, and mental uneasiness. Like all other people, I have degrees of angst, consternation, and apprehension. We modern humans are born anxious and we tend to worry just about everything. Anxiety concerns the scaredside of us. Anxiety is one of our five key emotions along with anger, sadness, happiness, and jealousy. Anxiety tends to correlate with the condition of abulia or having difficulty, the inability, or maybe a fear of making decisions. Abulia overlaps with ambivalence, and the inability  so many of us have in making growth-oriented changes in our life. Our quantum/electrical/neurochemical anxiety response has its genesis in the Reptilian Brain of fight or flight and continues in the Mammalian Brain.


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