Preservation Instinct

Sigmund Freud basically says the same thing as Andrew Parker (previous post) when he proclaims that our two main jobs are: 1.) self-preservation, and 2.) species-preservation. Would you agree, that even in our modern age the average person is just trying to survive and stay alive? The feeling of insecurity is quite common to the human experience. Like everyone else I seek the  security of being safe, free from risk, and free from danger. I have the pressures that come with living. It is a matter of degree but we are all scared, afraid, fearful, and anxious about something. We all have a scaredside. That is part of human nature –> that is life.  The Theory of Balanceology suggests that we all have stranger and danger concerns that are often a hindrance in connecting with others. We all must endure the endless fluidity of the changes and challenges that life brings. I have learned the hard way that for my survival it has behooved me to understand the importance of adapting to change. For me, it takes a lot of emotional, psychological, and physical energy (mind-body energy) to adjust to fluctuations in life. And, because of this constant need to adapt all of us have evolutionarily and genetically inherited the emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues related to anxiety, paranoia, and trust (more posts to come).

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