Needs vs. Wants Summary

I devoted several posts to inborn needs vs. learned wants because depending on what we give more significance too, I suggest will determine the life we live.   I contend that the majority of us have not considered our human nature core basal, deeper, and higher needs. Instead wants become the focus and core needs often go unmet. Yet, most wanting behaviors are unsuccessful attempts aimed at addressing core needs. Unfortunately, in this materialistic age we live in, wants are seen as needs that we have to have —-> wants become needs. Isn’t it ironic and paradoxical that the minor things in life (artificial wants) that often lead to dissatisfaction get our focus, and the important things in life (core needs) that can lead to true satisfaction often slip away? For the average person a significant amount of time and energy is chasing wants in a futile attempt to bring meaning, balance, and mind-body health to life. Wants are often easier to obtain than the effort it takes to satisfy needs. We only have to exist to acquire materialistic wants. However, we have to really live in order to satisfy our core needs. Natural need fulfillment greatly contributes to a life by adding meaning, balance, health, and at times contentment. However, unnatural want acquisition, if a person isn’t careful,  can become a life of discontentment. In our attempts to fulfill innate needs by acquired wants, we are often lead to some very unnatural behaviors —> fetishes, compulsions, obsessions, addictions of all kinds, interpersonal problems, phobias, fantasies of all types, uncontrollable anxiety, and often unmanageable depression.

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