Biology vs. Learning

Natural driven instinctual needs are frequently hijacked by the wants of learned behaviors. Our needs are biologically based, universal in human nature, and finite in number. Our wants are learned and there is an impossible number of them to fulfill. Wants vastly outnumber needs. Biological needs are about quality <—> quantity is about learned wants. Wants can involve the insatiable materialism of having stuff. Wants are on display in the Keeping Up With the Kardashian show-and-tell and make-believe world of the superficial, frivolous, and pretentious. Learned wants includes shopping for stuff that has a kind of anti-intellectualism to it. Wants are the ravenous desires of consumerism. Arthur Schopenhauer admonishes us that there is no real long-term meaning or purpose in a world of materialism and physical desires. I agree with Schopenhauer that our attachment to things will keep us from balanced living and contentment  —> materialism can never be long-term gratifying. Inexhaustible wanting is about one desire being temporarily fulfilled, and another one quickly taking its place. Kornfield suggested that, “what happens when we do fulfill wanting? It often brings on more wanting?”



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