Deeper Needs

Deeper Needs are the Theory of Balanceology’s inclusion of the concept of depthen.  Depthen concerns depth, indepth, deepening, and/or going deeper. It pertains to those deep-seated needs that take a deep dive into human genomic biology —-> human nature. Depthen refers to bringing deeper meaning to our life by having vaster experiences with our instincts, impulses, drives and core needs. I postulate that the deeper and vaster we nurture our genomic nature-based needs,  the more meaningful, balance-centered, grounded, and healthy our life becomes:

1.)  Human Sexuality Need —> detailed in Chapter 14.

2.)  Human Love Need —>  detailed in Chapter 15.

3.)  Human Morality Need —>  detailed in Chapter 16.

4.)  Human Emotion Need —>  detailed in Chapter 17.

5.)  Human Consciousness Need  —>  detailed in Chapter 18.

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