Motivation (M-1) and Meaning (M-2)

Before I go on and start discussing human motivational needs I wish to discuss meaning.  Meaning is a compelling and powerful concept I include in the Theory of Balanceology. It appears that we humans have a deep naturalistic call from within, maybe an inner desperation to bring some level of meaning to our life. There appears to be a deep-seated need to believe in something.  If so, the question for me became, “What is that something?” What is that something that can bring meaning and purpose to my life?  Or, how do I avoid a meaningless and purposeless existence?  If so, what role does satisfying our motivational needs play into meaning and purpose?  What role does pursuing a life that is balance-centered play into meaning and purpose?  In my theory, I have meaning levels correlate with motivational need levels:  i. e. basal needs (basal meaning), deeper needs (deeper meaning), and higher needs (higher meaning) —>  much more to come.

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